Your journey
in Norway.

Experience something unique, an adventure in the heart of nature, amidst wild expanses. For a week, leave your daily routine behind and let yourself be guided on this journey in Norway, combining hiking and canoeing.

To stay is to exist.
To travel is to live.

Gustave Nadaud

At the entrance of Jotunheimen, Espedalen is a picturesque site that takes you out of your daily routine. Its lake and mountains will immerse you in the most authentic Norway. Over five days, you will discover the charm of hiking and the tranquility of canoeing. Experience something new and
enriching, an adventure in the heart of nature.

Escape for a week with your guide who will accompany you throughout the adventure. Between bivouacs and inns, meals over the fire and local specialties, discover Norwegian culture!

Your adventure in the great outdoors.

Norway is the country to try life in the great outdoors. Its vast spaces, magnificent landscapes, and above all, the sensation of regained freedom. In Norway, hiking and camping are integral to the way of life.



Espedalen is a a valley with a 12km-long lake nestled between mountains and forests. Located in the northwest of Innlandet county, this place encapsulates the essence of Norwegian nature. With your small group, you will enjoy the tranquility of the wildlife and flora, and who knows, perhaps catch a glimpse of a moose? Away from areas congested by mass tourism, it’s the perfect place to fully appreciate the power and tranquility of the landscapes.


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2022 est l’année où tout le monde recommence à voyager, c’est donc également l’année où toutes les destinations sont saturé. Packnpadle se démarque en proposant un séjour hors du commun dans une région méconnue du grand public. Pendant les 5 jours de trip vous croiserez très peu de monde voir pas du tout certaine journée.



Un séjour qu'une formidable équipe de guides a su rendre inoubliable. Tout était au rendez-vous : des paysages magnifiques, un dépaysement et une déconnexion garantis mais aussi beaucoup de bonne humeur et de rires... On se laisse guider en toute sérénité pendant 5 jours, en profitant des connaissances et conseils de nos accompagnateurs, toujours aux petits soins. Ils savent rendre ce séjour parfaitement accessible mêmes aux personnes peu habituées au trekking. Il faut juste aimer l'eau froide... Et même les imprévus se sont transformés en chouettes souvenirs ! Je recommande à 100% aux futurs aventuriers.

Join us!

Prepare your journey.

Leave for 7 days of adventure in the great outdoors. In the heart of Norway, discover the joys of hiking and canoeing in large natural spaces. An all-inclusive trip to Norway that your guide will make unforgettable.

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