Maximum of 16 participants divided into 2 groups

Each group will engage in both hiking and canoeing. The canoe group starts with the canoeing part, and vice versa for the hiking group. The groups are formed and known before the departure.


Home - Strand Fjellstue

Flight Home/Oslo. Transfer by train to Lillehammer, where the team takes charge of the participants. Free evening at the inn. We will ask participants to categorize their equipment into two groups. The first for what they will take with them for the canoeing part and the second for the hiking part. This way, everyone can leave and retrieve equipment during the canoe/hiking transition. Accommodation: Inn | Transfer: from Lillehammer to Espedalen by car (1h). Accommodation: Inn | Transfer: from Lillehammer to Espedalen by minibus (1h).


Strand Fjellstue - Pettertjønn

This hiking day will be the most challenging. We will ascend above the forest to the alpine level. We will enjoy the first night in a tent by a mountain lake. Walking time: between 3h30 and 4h | Distance covered: 8km | Elevation gain: 500m Elevation loss: 100m | Accommodation: Bivouac (tent)


Pettertjønn – Storkvolvbua

In the first part, we will walk to the refuge to drop off our belongings. Depending on everyone's desire and motivation, several summits can be reached in the surroundings. We will spend the night in the refuge (rooms with bunk beds). Walking time: 5h | Distance covered: 9km | Elevation gain: 250m Elevation loss: 250m | Accommodation: Refuge


Refuge de Storkvolvbua – Venlisætra

Descent into the Espedalen valley. Longest day in terms of kilometers. Walking time: 5h30 Distance covered: 14 km | Elevation gain: 275m Elevation loss: 500m | Accommodation: Bivouac (tent)


Venlisætra - Vollhaugen

Descent on foot for 3km to Lake Espedalen. Hiking to canoe transition, distribution of canoe equipment. Canoe initiation followed by a meal next to the Espedalen mountain church. The circuit continues on the lake by canoe. A stop will be made on the islet of Merosholmen to take a break in its charming 'gapahuk' (typical Norwegian log shelter). Arrival by canoe at the camp along the shore and installation of the lavoo (traditional Norwegian teepee). Walking time: 1h | Distance covered: 3km on foot / 6km by canoe | Elevation loss: 225m | Accommodation: Bivouac (lavoo)


Espedalsvatnet – Auberge du Strand Fjellstue

The journey continues by canoe on Lake Espedalsvatnet. After paddling to the southern shore of the lake, we will take a walk to reach Helvete, where we can explore this particular geological formation dating back to the last glacial era. Return to the canoe for the final moments on the water, reaching the inn's beach. Walking time: 1h30 | Canoe time: 5h | Distance covered: 3.5km on foot and 10km by canoe | Accommodation: Inn


Auberge du Strand Fjellstue – Lillehammer - Oslo

Return to Lillehammer by car to catch the train to Oslo or Oslo Airport.

Your journey in Norway

Norway is the country to experience life in the great outdoors. Its vast spaces, magnificent landscapes, and above all, the sensation of rediscovered freedom. In Norway, hiking and camping are part of the way of life.

Leave for 7 days of adventure in the great outdoors. In the heart of Norway, discover the joys of hiking and canoeing in large natural spaces. An all-inclusive trip to Norway that your guide will make unforgettable.

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